Intercommunicating Centrally Controlled Smart Urban Lightings

Usage Areas

In Living Spaces of All Scales
  • Smart poles can be controlled separately or in groups via a central computer thanks to a specially designed interface
  • You can receive instant information on energy consumption of the smart pole, need for maintenance or repair etc. through the central computer and interface.
  • The instant information received is recorded and provided for the user in periodical analyses.
  • As lighting level of LED luminaries can be adjusted, lighting scenarios based on sunlight or pedestrian traffic may be prepared and thus unnecessary lighting costs shall be avoided and energy consumption shall be reduced.
  • As the entire equipment on the smart pole such as speaker, LCD display, electrical charging unit etc. is modular, designs specific to necessities can be created and poles with different functions can be controlled together through the same interface.
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Local Authorities
  • Smart poles ensure establishment of the infrastructure required for smart urban management. Thanks to this infrastructure installed so as to cover the least possible area in any place and environment control points, which can exchange information with each other and central computer online, shall be created. Smart poles can be used in numerous scenarios thanks to their different function options and modular structure.
  • Smart poles ensure instant display, analysis and supervision of the power consumed for lighting.
  • They prevent unnecessary consumption by operation scenarios based on time or level of illumination.
  • They decrease maintenance and repair costs by fast and accurate diagnosing. They provide data for predictive maintenance and repair operations.
  • Extremely low and high temperatures can be detected and early warning signals are obtained against the risk of icing and flood thanks to the sensors of the smart poles. Heat maps shall be created.
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Hotels and Social Facilities
  • The cameras of the smart poles can be integrated with the existing security cameras and the functions such as creating crowd orientation maps and facial recognition can be used.
  • Momentary locations of the employees/beneficiaries can be determined by a location identification system within the plant and recorded by desired intervals. Service quality can be improved by analysing tendencies of the beneficiaries.
  • Wi-Fi can be provided for outer spaces of facilities and hotels.
  • By smart poles, you can instantly display, analyse and control the energy consumed for lighting.
  • They shall prevent unnecessary consumptions for lighting by operational scenarios based on the time, number of pedestrians and level of illumination.
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Shopping Malls, Exhibition Centers or Similar Areas
  • The cameras on the smart poles can be integrated with the existing security cameras and additional functions such as creating crowd orientation maps, facial recognition as well as determining customer profile can be used.
  • Momentary locations of the customers/employees can be determined by a location identification system within the shopping and they can be recorded and analysed by desired intervals.
  • Wi-Fi connection can be provided in the interior and outdoor areas of the shopping mall.
  • Smart poles provide energy saving by ensuring instant display, analysis and control of the power consumed for lighting.
  • As lighting level is adjustable and smart poles can be remotely adjusted so as to give off in different colours by colour LED, light performances can be organized.
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